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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Revenge Is My Middle Name

I've had a pretty good life. It was painful for me to read about Rowdy's dad beating up both his mom and him. It just seems on this reservation that everyone drinks too much. I don't know if that is true on every reservation, but it seems to be true here. Junior still finds humor in the situation maybe because that's the only way to survive. For instance, when Junior describes the Pow Wow, he says he wants no part of it because he is one of the losers that always gets beaten up. Rowdy says that he will protect Junior.

I like Rowdy. I can understand why he is so angry. He really protects Junior and is loyal. Junior talks about hopes and dream and how important they are to people. Why do you think Junior keeps talking about that? What are your dreams?

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  1. Barbie,

    I like the layout of this site and believe it offers students the opportunity to share their thoughts in a non-threatening way. I love the questions you've posed and like the way you lead them to think more critically before they give a response.